Walls Panels

Compliment your space with a hardwood feature wall . Our decorative Oak panels boost versatility, define character and add a unique element to any design. The distinct timber tiles are easy to install and provide a stunning, wall and ceiling feature to add character to any home, office or commercial space. Each panel is available in a natural, smoked or semi-fumed finish.  

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Some Tips When Considering a Feature Wall


A feature wall can marry a room of mismatched furniture. If you have timber pieces mixed with upholstery, mixed with coloured furniture, and glass, a feature wall can help bring it all together, providing it’s done properly using the right colours & shades.

They can divide space. If you have a large open-plan area, a feature wall can help separate the space, like an office & showroom, or a dining room & a living area.


Feature walls are perfect for small spaces. Changing one wall to a prominent dark colour adds the illusion of depth where there isn’t much.

If you have a wall that is shaped differently to the others, like the wall on a raked ceiling or an unusual wall in a commercial building, a feature wall can add style & make the wall look deliberately quirky.

If you’re hesitant about which wall you should make your feature, our tip is usually to use the wall that’s the focal point of the room, for example:

In the shop, the wall behind the counter.

In the office, the wall behind where you sit.

In the bedroom, the wall the bed head is.

In the dining room, the wall the dining table is against or behind.

In the living room, where the television is.