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Armstrong Flooring

There’s no need to sacrifice style for function. Armstrong Flooring offers you the option of Natural Elements Cush 'n' Plank, a range of resilient vinyl flooring planks in realistic wood designs. Combining underfoot comfort and timeless beauty with durability and low maintenance, these floors are the perfect choice for any home. 

application:  commercial spaces, public facilities, homes

material:        vinyl with multiple layers for wear

designs:        we carry 100 different designs

natural elements 5mm cush 'n' planks

Natural Elements® Cush ‘n’ Plank™ is a state of the art 5.0mm wood look plank with an integrated cushion layer that helps to reduce sound transmission. This is especially important in high rise accommodation. The thicker 5.0mm plank provides underfoot cushioning for a much more comfortable feel, and its also warmer to the touch than hard surfaces like ceramic or stone tiles. We use cutting-edge print technology to produce beautiful floors that look vivid and realistic.

planks size:          184mm x 1219 mm

area per carton:  1.8ms                   


planks size:          228mm x 1219 mm

area per carton:  1.67ms 

Diagram of Armstrong Flooring example

natural elements 2mm - 228mm x 1219mm

Enhanced coatings on Natural Elements® flooring weathers daily wear and tear with minimal effort, whether it’s food and drink spills, bath splashes, muddy shoes or paws. These floors are not only durable, they're also waterproof! Now you can have the beauty of natural wood anywhere in your home – even in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms and laundries. Natural Elements is meant to be loved and lived on. Unlike Stone or Ceramic, it's warm, comfortable surface is kinder to your feet, your family and anything you may drop on it.

planks size:         228 x 1219 mm

area per carton:  4.45 m2

natural elements 2mm - 184mm x 1219mm

With Natural Elements, you'll find beautiful wood looks with a tough resilient surface that can easily handle kids, pets, and heavy traffic. Armstrong Flooring’s Natural Elements luxury vinyl planks are made to last and are made up of four primary layers- a protective wear layer, a high resolution printed design layer, an interlayer and the backing layer.

planks size:         184 x 1219 mm

area per carton:  3.37 m2

Diagram of Armstrong Flooring example
Armstrong example
Armstrong example
Armstrong example
Armstrong example
Armstrong example
Armstrong example
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