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Our visualiser is a game changer.

It's Revolutionary!

Flooring, Blinds, Shutters, Awnings - We Gotcha Covered!

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Flooring Visualiser

Did you know that you can use a photo of your room and visualise our products on your floor?

Bring your pics of your rooms in to our showroom & we will show you our products on your floor on our 55" touch screen monitor.

You can use our visualiser at home on your phone or iPad, or in our showroom.

Open the flooring visualise - Pick a product - Take a pic of your room - And Presto


Well that's all changed!

The hardest step to choosing a new floor is visualising what the new floor will look like in your house or office.


Coverings brings you

'The Visualiser'

How It Works


Snap a picture


Pick a product


Transform your room!

Where is it?

It's the orange flashing icon at the bottom of every page on this website.

Step 1

Choose a product:

The visualiser will first require you to pick a product. This can be changed as many times as you like once you get going, but to start just pick any product or the one you like.

Step 2

The visualiser will then require you to upload (desktop) or take (mobile) a picture of your room, or choose one of the preloaded rooms. I definitely recommend using a picture of your room. This is very easy on a mobile phone because the visualise will open the camera and you can simply use that photo. On a desktop you will need to first upload your photo to your computer then you can use it. Obviously, viewing the visualiser provides a much bigger picture on your desktop, so I thoroughly recommend you use a desktop if available.

Step 3

Once you have the room up you can change to any product you desire and the floor will be changed for you.


Whilst all of our products aren't on the visualiser yet (we are working on that), you can still get a really good indication of a colour that will work in your house/office, etc. So browse through the different designs/colours until you have found the colour that suits you, then come into our showroom and we will guide you to a product that suits your needs.

We have a visualiser in store, so if you bring in your photos we can sit down and go through the whole process with you on our 55" touch screen monitor.

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