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Modern & Stylish Shutters
Gold Coast & Brisbane 

Woodlore shutters are made from sustainable wood, grown in Gympie, & processed in Australia. Masterfully manufactured, trouble free product design, quality and value for money. The world's most sold shutter!

Flooring, Blinds, Shutters, Awnings - We Gotcha Covered!

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Norman Shutters - Interior - Gold Coast - Brisbane - Coverings

Shutters are elegant and functional window coverings suited to any indoor area in your home. Coverings Gold Coast is a leading provider of quality, modern & stylish shutters in Gold Coast & Brisbane. All of our shutters are masterfully made by Norman, the world's most sold shutter. We only sell Norman Shutters because simply, they are the best. Masterfully manufactured, with unique features only found in Norman Shutters. The result is a stunning shutter built to last. 


By incorporating engineered timber and polypropylene in panel stiles, they deliver higher strength and greater rigidity which prevents sagging and bowing. Norman shutters come standard with a 5 year warranty, a 'No questions asked warranty'. If the dog chews it, they replace it, providing  you with an added peace of mind. 

Available in fixed, hinged, sliding or bi-fold styles, shutters enhance both modern and traditional architecture. Choose from our range of 36 designer colours or select a custom colour to suit your décor.

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Why Norman Shutters?
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Choose With Confidence

Whichever product you choose, all our shutters are made with a Norman Promise of quality to ensure long-term performance and value. The result is a trouble-free product ownership experience. Norman stands behind all of its shutter with a 5 year ‘No Questions Asked’ warranty'.

Supporting Australian Industry

Woodlore and Woodlore Plus (the world’s bestselling shutters) are made from sustainable wood, grown and processed in Australia, proudly supporting Australian forestry and manufacturing industries. The wood is grown in Gympie, Queensland, & then processed at Laminex, supporting over 2000 jobs in Australia.

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Why Not PVC Shutters?
Seasonal Differences

In Australia where the differences between seasonal & even daily temperatures can be extreme, this can be a big problem particularly for larger panels where PVC panel components may shrink, expand, bow and twist. This ultimately can lead to distortion of the panels which will affect their appearance & functionality. Often in response to this PVC shutter manufactures will add aluminium inserts to the components. The inserts may add stiffness & some stability to the panels, but it does not prevent twisting & makes the panels heavier again. 

Norman Shutters 3.jpeg

PVC shutters are heavier & more flexible than shutters made from wood & engineered wood composite materials. As most shutter installations are hinged this presents a problem over time as the heavier PVC shutters can sag & twist under their own weight & eventually this will affect the opening and closing of the panels causing the louvres to scrape on the inside surface of the stiles. Note this is of particular concern in the Australian market as generally, our homes have larger window and door openings.

Better Options

Apart from the lack of performance & appearance aspects of PVC shutters, Norman doesn’t use PVC to make their shutters because there are more suitable & environmentally sustainable materials available. Namely, responsibly managed wood-based materials. In some of our shutter programs, wood-based materials are used in combination with higher grade and recyclable plastics such as ABS and Polypropylene. 

Wood Is Good
Norman Shutters 6.jpeg

Responsibly managed wood products are renewable, recyclable, waste efficient, biodegradable and non-toxic. Wood is also particularly energy efficient in production and use, and as such can play a major role in combatting global warming.

Shutters made from wood are the real deal! They are not pretending to be someone else, they are authentic, look beautiful, stable, environmentally friendly, sustainable and most importantly trouble-free. 

Practical & Aesthetical

 Whether contemporary or traditional, painted or stained wood adds classic elegance to a room. It ages gracefully over the years developing depth of character and interest. It improves insulation and helps to warm up a room more quickly, warm to touch & provides a robust and maintenance-free surface. Wood is Good!

Norman Shutters 5.jpeg

Wood shutters are lighter, which minimises the amount of sag & twisting. Reinforced Engineered wood stiles have multiple layers of hardwood veneer bonded together, strengthening the core of the stile & providing a lifetime of durability & stability. Our shutters are joined by mortise & tenon joints which will help keep your shutters square & true guaranteeing long term functionality. Wood isn't just good, it's the best.

Drop in to the Coverings showroom on the Gold Coast and see a full range of shutters in action.

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