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Coverings Pty Ltd Installation Guide and Warranty

When choosing your flooring it is always important to read and understand your

warranties, from both the manufacturer and installer. So please take the time to read

and understand all warranties presented to you.


Warranties can be complex so we have broken it down to clarify the two types of

warranties available to you when considering your new flooring options.


1. Installation Warranty

2. Manufacturer Warranty




1. Coverings Pty Ltd is liable for your installation warranty

2. The manufacturer is liable for all product warranties.




The manufacturer is responsible for all product warranties. Therefore, please refer to

the appropriate manufacturer website and download a copy of their warranty for the

specific product you are purchasing. Please be aware that most manufacturers make

more than one product so their warranties may vary between products. This is not

exclusive to the difference between vinyl products, carpet products, etc., but rather

between the different vinyl products and different carpet products, etc.

Coverings Pty Ltd will not clarify the manufacturer warranties, as we are not liable for

them. However, we will provide you with assistance to obtain copies if required from






Coverings Pty Ltd contracts only trained and qualified installers. Some floor

installations can be complex and on the rare occasion mistakes are made, your

installation warranty protects you.



The Installation Warranty applies to authorised and non-defect sales product.

Products purchased at discount with noted defects are exempt from warranty

coverage. There are warranty exclusions that will apply.

• Flooring not installed as per Australian Standard guidelines

• Installing residential product for commercial use

• Installing light commercial flooring in heavy commercial areas

• Post installation treatment of flooring with fungicides or stain treatments

• Damage caused by pets or household objects

• Damaged caused by heavy machinery

• Damage as a result of excessive moisture from improper use of evaporative cooling

• Minor colourations in dye & print lots and batch lots

• Flooring installed on stairs

• Damage caused by improper care and maintenance

• Damage caused by risks covered in general home insurance



• The Installation Warranty is covered for 1 year from date of installation for residential


• The Installation Warranty is covered for 6 months from date of installation for

commercial properties.

• The warranty covers original purchaser only and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

• Any damages that take place during installation are to be reported within 24 hours.



As the homeowner you have some obligations to maintain

• Keep proof of purchase and installation receipt

• Have flooring professionally installed as per Australian Standards Guidelines

• Maintain your flooring as per manufacturers care and maintenance guidelines



If you believe your flooring is failing to perform and you have followed all

manufacturers’ guidelines, contact Coverings Pty Ltd to discuss your concerns. If

required Coverings Pty Ltd will arrange an onsite inspection of your flooring and then

refer to the manufacturer. Coverings Pty Ltd will require proof of purchase to

commence the warranty claim with the manufacturer.



• All furniture and existing floor coverings must be removed before installation, unless

prior arrangements have been made and noted on this quotation.

• We move smaller furniture and that will be covered by your sales person. Please have

all items that are delicate or over 20kgs moved prior to the day of install. Examples of

things we don’t move: Pool tables, antique furniture, pianos, fish tanks, grandfather

clocks, safes, etc.

• If furniture is to be shifted by Coverings Pty Ltd, you agree to ensure all freestanding

furniture items are emptied, all breakables, loose objects, bed linen, including clothing

are removed before our installers arrive.

• Please have valuable items removed away from installation area. Money, jewelry,

prescription medications, firearms, or anything else of value should be kept away form

the workspace.

• All hanging items should be removed from walls in rooms getting products installed.

• If products are being installed upstairs, please remove pictures from staircase walls.

• Please clear the bottom of your closets and remove any items that hang in closets that

will be getting products installed.

• Coverings Pty Ltd is not responsible for cut, pierced, or broken electrical/alarm wires or

pipes that are improperly placed/ran in walls, along skirtings, under floors and not in

accordance with local building codes.

• Please disconnect and remove all electronics/appliances from wall prior to installers


• Power is necessary for all carpet, vinyl plank, laminate, and timber installations. If

power is not connected, please make arrangements to have the power connected prior

to booking the installation.

• If your site is not ready when our installers arrive to site, a call out fee of $250 will be




• We need a dry location to cut and store material. If there is not a place inside the

jobsite, adverse weather conditions could effect our ability to install.

• We will need an electrical power source during installation unless arranged and agreed

to prior to installation booking.

• We need a clear path through the home for easy access to the installation area and

also for the removal of debris.

• Keep children and pets away from installation site.

• There may be dust generated from installing your new product or from ripping out and

removing your existing products. We are not responsible for cleaning or removing of

dust and recommend that you cover furniture and floors adjacent to the room the area

where the product is being installed.

• We will do our best to avoid marks/scuffs/scrapes on skirtings, ceilings, and walls.

Flooring products can be very cumbersome as they can be heavy and long in length.

Sometimes marks/scuffs/scrapes are unavoidable during install and neither Coverings

Pty Ltd nor their installers are liable for these things.

• When we are preparing your floor with flood coats/skim coats etc, we will be using

cement based products, which means mixing them with water in a bucket using a drill.

We will do our best to avoid splashes of self leveling compound on skirtings, ceilings,

and walls. Sometimes splashes of self leveling compound are unavoidable during

preparation and we try our best to remove all these splashes, but sometimes we miss

a some, neither Coverings Pty Ltd nor their installers are liable for these things.

• We will remove doors and re-hang them as needed, however, if the doors need to be

cut, the installer will leave them off so you can arrange to have them cut. Our installers

are not licensed to cut down doors.

• Skirting height is something to consider when installing new flooring products. In some

instances, the skirting will not go all the way down to meet the new product or where

there is no skirting the paint finish may not meet the new product. Customers may then

want to have their skirting replaced or add an additional trim piece such as quarter

round, or have walls repainted. Coverings Pty Ltd is in no way liable for skirting not

running to the floor or the paint finish not running to the floor.

• Some flooring products will require a silicone or polyurethane sealant around the edge

to fill gaps where the product does not meet skirting boards, benches, tiles, etc.

Coverings Pty Ltd is no way liable for the application of such products unless this

service is included in the quotation.



• Coverings Pty Ltd installers will remove all scraps, tubes, plastic wrappers, and

cardboard from the installation area and place them in an area designated by you. We

are not responsible for the dumping of these recyclable wastes and normal wastes.

We suggest you have our installers place them in your apporpiate bins. Additional

charges will be applied if you require Coverings Pty Ltd installers to remove such


• Coverings Pty Ltd is not responsible for cleaning your new product. We will not leave a

mess or stains. Vacuuming and mopping will not be the responsibility of Coverings Pty


• Please be aware that new carpet can and will shed. Fiber type, twist, and construction

will affect how much a carpet will shed. It is not uncommon to see fibers in your

vacuum for the first 6 months. Shedding is not a manufacturer defect.

• You may notice your product may have a noticeable odor after installation. This is not

a defect, nor hazardous to you, your family, or your pet’s health. The smell will not

usually linger more than 2-3 weeks.

• It is common for carpet to have crush/roll marks that are noticed after install. This is

not a defect. Per manufacturers, please allow up to 60 days for the carpet to relax.

Heavy objects like furniture could leave permanent dents in your carpet.

• All carpet will show seams. While we are experts and do our best to conceal all seams,

there truly is no such thing as an invisible seam. Low profile carpets like berbers and

pattern loops or flat weaves will show seams more than a plush carpet. Your

salesperson will decide the best placement for seams and include that in the installer’s

work order. Any seam questions should be directed to the salesperson. T-seams and

saddle seams are acceptable with certain carpet types.

• Dye lots, lighting, paint color, and furniture placement are a few things that can affect

the appearance of your products. Sometimes the product that you choose may look

different once it is installed. Please keep in mind that the sample you select from is

only a representation of the color and not an exact match

• Any damages that take place during installation are to be reported within 24 hours



• Woven/Flat Weave/Sisal/Jute and certain wool blends and other specialty carpets

require special care and seams in these carpets are very noticeable. Some products

can’t have cross seams or be seamed at all. Some require vacuums without beater

bars. Please check manufacturers recommendations and get with your sales person

about maintenance and seams when purchasing these type products.

• Pattern carpets all have pattern matches. Coverings accounts for the pattern match

when figuring the carpet and at times, this can add a substantial amount of carpet to

your job

• There is no such thing as a “square” room. Certain patterns can accentuate this,

especially in hallways. Vinyl Planks, and products with small prints, diamonds, and

square patterns are a few patterns that will show a wall running out of square.

• When installing over steps/stair runners it is important to remember that patterns will

not line up unless extra carpet is ordered to specifically do so. The staircase itself may

not be “square” or “true” which can cause the pattern to drift. Carpet installed on steps

is not covered on manufacturers warranty unless otherwise noted.

• Some carpets will show footprints when walked on. This is not a defect, rather a

characteristic of certain carpets



At Coverings Pty Ltd, we strive to give you the most accurate estimate of your total

project cost and set the most realistic expectations on how the project should go

before, during, and after installation. In almost all cases the job goes as planned for

the agreed amount. Occasionally, however, there are conditions that arise that were

not visible until installation begins. Things like unlevelled floors, termite damage and

electrical or water issues may require another trade to get involved. There are certain

height and transitional issues that aren’t apparent until install, such as transitions that

become necessary or having to remove kitchen islands instead of being able to butt

against them due to varying thickness in new versus old floors. These factors can

affect the time and cost that you were originally given. Our goal is to communicate with

you if any issues arise and work with you to find the best solution for your project and

your budget. Although frustrating, these issues are completely unforeseen and there is

no way for anyone to know about them at the bidding stage of the job. Coverings Pty

Ltd will discuss unforeseen conditions with you at time of quotation and will endevour

to explain these conditions as best we can. Occasionally our clients do not understand

these unforeseen conditions, which is understandable because they are not flooring

experts, even in the event of a lack of understanding by a client, Coverings Pty Ltd is

in no way liable for unforeseen conditions. Coverings Pty Ltd is in no way liable for

unforeseen conditions.



• In some circumstances, the client wants to do the preparation work to save some

money on the whole job. If Coverings Pty Ltd does not do the preparation work, the

Coverings Pty Ltd installation warranty will be void. It may also void manufacturer’s

warranties too. It is important for the preparation of the sub floor to be down correctly.

Manufacturer’s warranties outline that in circumstances where the preparation of the

sub floor is not executed correctly and to their standards, that the manufacturer will not

be liable. At Coverings Pty Ltd we take pride in our work, and all work will be carried

out by professionals. If Coverings Pty Ltd does not do the preparation work, the

Coverings Pty Ltd installation warranty will be void.

• In the event that the client undertakes the preparation of the subfloor, if the preparation

is not up to standard or is not ready when our installers arrive to site, a call out fee of

$250 will be applicable.



• Coverings Pty ltd will quote your job and add 5% for cuts and waste. This is an

industry standard.

• Some jobs require less wastage than 5%. This is unforeseen and is not regarded as

an error in the quotation process on Coverings Pty Ltd behalf. 5% is added to the job

to account for human error, installation complexity, and to avoid having to order extra

material and consequently delaying the completion date.

• If there is extra product remaining, Coverings Pty Ltd is not required to refund the

purchase amount. It is common to have a box or two left over and is merely a

reflection of a good installer or non complex installation.

• Having a box left over is advantageous because you will have spare planks if required

in the future.

• If you have more than 5% left over and it is apparent that the quotation carried out by

Coverings Pty Ltd was not precise, Coverings will refund the purchase price of the

excess product.



• It is important to care for your product correctly.

• Please refer to the Maintenance and Care Guides provided to you by the manufacturer

of the product you purchased.

• These guides can be found on the manufacturer’s websites. If you are having trouble

locating them online, Coverings is happy to email you a copy or come in to our

showroom and we will print out a copy for you.

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