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Are Vinyl Planks Waterproof?

Yes, Vinyl Planks Are Waterproof.

Vinyl Planks are backed with a PVC, which is a waterproof material. Actually they are 100% PVC and therefore Vinyl Plank flooring is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, laundries & any wet areas.

When manufacturers specify that Vinyl is waterproof, they are stating that surface water will not cause any damage to the product. However, that does not mean it will endure a flood. By flood, I mean if your washing machine dumps a load of water on your floor or a significant amount of water sits on your floor for a longer period of time. In the event you have flooded your vinyl flooring and there is water sitting under your vinyl, you will need to remove the flooring and allow for the water to dry before reinstalling.

Water should only sit under your vinyl flooring when it has been installed using pressure sensitive glue. But don’t be to alarmed, It’s no biggie to fix this problem. As stated above, lift up the planks, dry the floor by dabbing a towel to absorb the water (do not drag the towel), leave it a few hours so that it is completely dry and your pressure sensitive glue is sticky again, then put your planks back.

So how does that make it Waterproof? I hear you Asking…

Well, consider the implications if it were carpet, laminate, or a timber floor. In most cases other types of flooring would be destroyed and you would be replacing the floor.

A Little Tip!

It’s a good idea when installing your planks initially, to use a different glue in your wet areas to eliminate the chance of water getting under you planks. This is called a ‘Glue Down’ method, and it involves troweling the glue on with a 2mm notch trowel.

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